How can a recruitment professional stand out online?

Posted by Toby Conibear | July 28, 2016 |
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Online recruitment professionalsAs a recruitment professional, you know what makes the right candidate stand out. Whether it is their CV, job history, education, experience, or love of football which means they will fit in well with the employers team; there is always that feeling of pride and excitement when you ‘just know’ you have found the right person for the job. But what about the other way around? How does the candidate get that feeling and find the right recruiter?

In the latest blog from Bond International Software, Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, discusses how, as recruiters, it is vital you stand head and shoulders above the competition online, and offers his top tips on how to do so with ease.

Mind your profiles

In a world dominated by social media, it is very rare that an individual has just one profile. In the same way a recruiter Googles a candidate, the candidate will likely Google a recruiter. Are your profiles professional?  Is there a company policy regarding the tone and/or content of your social media posts to consider?

It is vital that as a recruiter you think about the information available about you online and accessible to others. A good rule of thumb is, are you sharing content that you would be happy for your mother to see?  If not, it may be worth looking at your privacy settings and locking down anything that would make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Having recent and relevant information available on your profile is also vital. This includes an up-to-date biography, any accreditations, certifications and awards that you may have won. All of this information sets you apart from the competition and shows continuous professional development.

Easy to contact

If sending a message to a potential candidate on social media, make it easy for them to respond to you! Don’t assume they will respond to a LinkedIn mail, or a Twitter DM. Ensure you are providing additional contact details, telephone number and email address at the end of all correspondence, to make it easy for them to reply to you when and how they wish.

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Well presented

Just as you wouldn’t advise a candidate to use ‘any old photograph’ on their social media profile, it is crucial that in order to maintain professionalism you have a recent and professional photograph across all of your social media profiles. Having a variety of images can be confusing and can make it difficult to identify you. Maintaining consistency across your social media profiles is key.  

Social sharing

What are you sharing on social media? Is it the latest cat GIF, or something of actual value to the candidate? If you build your social presence and share considered, intellectual content providing tips, ideas and articles that the candidate may find interesting, it will add credibility to your profile. As a result, you will be front of mind when a candidate is seeking out a recruiter for a job search, or deciding to respond to one of many recruiters who have contacted them.

Have you Googled yourself recently?

You source a candidate and you are going to meet them – what is the first thing you do? Most likely, you will Google them or look at their social media channels, typically LinkedIn first. But have you Googled yourself? Equally important to your social media profiles, what images come up on Google? What profiles are available when someone searches for your name? What information can they gain access to? Be prudent with guarding profiles and information that you wouldn’t want in the public domain.

In short, the way in which you want a candidate to present themselves and the qualities you require from them is exactly the way you should present yourself and the qualities you offer as a recruiter. Maintaining a professional and informative approach will set you apart from the competition.

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Toby Conibear
Toby has worked for Bond since 1996. His career started as a Technical Support Consultant, then worked as an Account Manager, then Head of European Sales. Currently, Toby is responsible for driving growth of the EMEA business region, specialising in large scale multinational deployments. Working as Group Business Development Director, Toby is part of the Bond board leadership team.

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