The Life of a Recruiter on the Go - Top Tech for Survival

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | October 14, 2015 |
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Recruitment TechThe modern day recruiter spends a lot of time on the road which can bring certain challenges when day-to-day work and admin needs to be done. What was once wasted time, travelling between meetings, can now be used effectively, and thanks to technology a recruiter can be just as efficient both in and out of the office.

Here at Bond we have scoured the internet and collated our top devices and gadgets for effective travel. Everything from the basics to the slightly ‘out there’ has been included – all aimed at helping provide a hassle free and productive travel experience.

1 ‘Get with the plan’

No matter where you’re going, chances are you have your Smartphone with you. If you only have a gigabyte of data and expect it to last a month then you’re probably kidding yourself. Make sure you have a plan offering at least 2 gigs, if not more. It’s essential you have a good phone with decent battery life, and not an antiquated one which you can only check emails on! You’re definitely going to be online a lot – vital for the modern day recruiter – so invest in a plan that you can do business with.

2 ‘Be supercharged’

It’s almost certain that your power supply with be on its last legs before the day is out. The use of a power-bank charger is the best way to prevent this from happening. Even if you’ve got a good battery life it could always be cut short. Nowadays, you can also get power-bank chargers that provide multi connectors for many different devices.

Making sure you have an assortment of cables on hand at all times is crucial for any kind of charging and access to important files. A cable that plugs directly into a projector is handy, as is an Ethernet cable for accessing the internet in places without Wi-Fi. A small treasure chest of assorted cables is invaluable.

3 ‘Keep it minimal’

Minimal is the way forward especially when traveling with a laptop. Instead of carrying the bulky charger that comes with your laptop, consider purchasing a neater, smaller, more streamlined one. You can purchase something lightweight and multi-purpose which could come in handy for other devices too.

4 ‘Stay plugged-in’

An extension cable is your way out of the ultimate power meltdown. Whenever you’re out and about it makes it easier to access that one plug socket if someone else is using it too. You can always suggest plugging-in your extension so others are able to make use of it too. At least this way you’ll be able to get power when you need it. Compact extension cables can be purchased to keep your bag lightweight.

5 ‘Keeping it trendy’

Technology and fashion are now more together than ever before. As was seen everywhere at London Fashion Week. Wearable technology is definitely worth trying, we recommend trying the Apple Watch or the Moto360. That way you can get all important notifications from your watch no matter where you are!

6 ‘Keep it on the go’

If you’re someone who works on the train and can have a lengthy to do list, then a portable keyboard could be ideal. It can be quite frustrating when you’re trying to type on a tablet screen so a portable keyboard would be a worthy investment. Microsoft Surface Pro is a good example of this. There are all kinds of portable keyboards available so you can take your pick.

7 ‘Block out the noise’

Now, this is one we are sure many of you will appreciate. When trying to get work done on public transport or in your local coffee shop, at times the noise can be overly distracting. Regardless of having your Kindle in hand or being occupied with emails on your laptop it can be difficult to escape. Investing in a pair of noise cancelling headphones allows you to block out the noise and get in the zone with your work. The top recommendations would either be a pair of Bose or Plantronics headphones.

8 ‘Less is more’

A compact projector is something that you can take with you whenever you need to deliver that all important presentation. It is the better alternative to huddling around your laptop at client meetings or events, especially when you need an easier way to offer a smooth explanation of your recruitment services or current project plans. It is a slightly pricier option but well worth it for the peace of mind.

9 ‘Storage is the word’

A flashdrive with lots of space is an absolute must. Nowadays it’s common to use cloud-based storage such as Dropbox, iCloud and more. However, if you don’t have access to the internet whilst on the go this could be a problem. So having a flashdrive is extremely handy if you’re working on a proposal or project, so you always have somewhere readily available to store it.

10 ‘Ready set go!’

Travel is an important aspect of both business and leisure and a universal plug adapter is a definite survival gadget. If you have a universal plug adapter you’ll be connected regardless of where you are in the world whether that be Europe, North America or New Zealand so you’ll be prepared for every adventure.

What are your favourite, must-have gadgets on the go?

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