Recruiting tips to wrap up the perfect candidate

Posted by Toby Conibear | December 23, 2015 |
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Recruiting tips finding the perfect candidate for clientsThe Christmas holidays are upon us and there is a flurry of activity in order to prepare for the big day. Whilst some of us are preoccupied with wrapping up the presents, decorating the tree and preparing a Christmas feast, this is the perfect time of the year to consider best practice for 2016.

Whilst the year is ending on a positive note for many, thanks to the economic climate and growth in jobs available in the UK, it is important to keep focused on how to improve, grow and embrace new opportunities as we head into the New Year. In this blog Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, provides top recruiting tips on how to improve your candidate placement process.

Top tip: Source a comprehensive brief

Many recruiters fall at the first hurdle by failing to truly understand what the open role entails from a client. With small margin for error during the recruitment process, to source an ideal candidate a recruiter must be clear about the client brief and specific requirements for the job role. Asking a client to reiterate, explain or further develop the brief isn’t a sign of weakness but actually shows attention to detail and a level of investment in their company. If you don’t understand, how are you going to sell the role to potential candidates? Ask questions and playback key details, don’t be afraid to ask!

Top tip: Get creative

Gone are the days of traditional recruitment which relied on either telephone or written correspondence. Although both those methods have a role to play within a modern day recruiter’s toolkit, sourcing candidates in today’s market can be tricky. With candidates using social media, and so many places available to post your jobs it can be difficult to tap into the right resource to identify potential candidates for a role. Do whatever you can do to make sure your job post stands out above and beyond the rest. You won’t be the only recruitment agent looking for candidates to put forward and if your competitor has a more efficient job posting then you will fall short.

Top tip: Never underestimate reliability

People can be fickle. Thanks to the age of always on and multiple devices, conversations are becoming more disposable than ever before which has an impact on the recruitment industry. With candidates being known to drop out of interviews without notifying you or even worse not turning up to the first day on a job, good communication is an important step in demonstrating reliability. Following up with the candidate in a timely fashion is not only polite but helps improve your client relationship by demonstrating care and due diligence. From a candidate perspective, be persistent. Consider at which points during the process you are ‘at risk’ for the candidate to become flaky. Implement a process for yourself and the team to follow for each candidate. Whether your candidate communication is the night before an interview, an hour before an interview and an hour afterwards – every little counts.

What is clear is that although the modern role of a recruiter is radically different to the one five years ago, essential elements do not change. Taking care, showing due diligence and communicating can often be overlooked; so considering how you can improve on your current processes will help you kick-start 2016.

If you would like to read more about what the New Year has in store for recruitment, why not take a look at our predictions for recruiting trends in 2016? Alternatively, click here to view our blog.

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Toby Conibear
Toby has worked for Bond since 1996. His career started as a Technical Support Consultant, then worked as an Account Manager, then Head of European Sales. Currently, Toby is responsible for driving growth of the EMEA business region, specialising in large scale multinational deployments. Working as Group Business Development Director, Toby is part of the Bond board leadership team.

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