Simplifying Recruitment Through Software

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | March 4, 2011 |
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EasyRegardless of the size of your recruitment business, your software is one of your most important assets and a key investment which needs careful consideration.

In challenging economic times, you need to ensure that your software is reliable, will see you into the future, support you as you develop in good times – and help you maintain survival in tough times. 

In a special feature recently published in Recruitment Consultant Magazine, we take a look at what the industry software suppliers have been up to – and how you can future proof your investment.

Tim Richards, MD, Bond International Software was interviewed as part of the feature, and this is what he had to say about Bonds view on what you need to look for to ‘future proof’ your investment in software :

‘….simplifying solutions often boils down to automation, so certainly in terms of parsing and search-based software, we are going to see shifts in how much human intervention is required for such processes. For instance, there will likely be a shift toward automating many administrative tasks, such as sorting CVs, allowing simplification where necessary and appropriate. Human intervention is still of course crucial to completing certain tasks successfully, and as such, recruiters still need to maintain involvement in the actual recruiting processes, but let technology take the burden of the administrative side. 

Recruitment systems need to be accommodating enough to automate as many or as few of the processes as the recruiter requires. As such, recruitment software developers must offer more flexible services, delivering products which can cater for a number of different personal preferences and be customised to meet client expectations. This allows the recruiter to pick and choose the tools from the supplier which match their business requirements.

Sourcing reliable solutions means the recruiter should be seeking a trustworthy, ideally ISO-compliant, supplier with stability, a good perception within the recruitment industry, and also a good perception within the IT industry. It is one thing to be renowned for providing reliable recruitment software, but another thing entirely to demonstrate knowledge of the whole IT sector, and recruiters should therefore be looking for suppliers with a wealth of experience across both these areas so that all their requirements can be catered for. [Tim Richards, MD, Bond International Software].

To Read the feature in full, please CLICK HERE and go straight to page 33!

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