Ten Steps to a Successful Staffing and Recruitment Software Implementation

Posted by James Payne | June 23, 2016 |
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Implementation Featured Part OneSelecting your recruitment agencies’ new CRM system can be a challenging process. You need to make sure it’s right for your business and can help it grow AND make money. Once selected, the next step is implementation. To be successful, this must be done right.

In the first of two posts, James Payne, Head of Business Development, Bond International Software, takes a look at the top ten steps for a successful staffing and recruitment software implementation.

From minor to major, there are many different reasons why your implementation can fall short. The project can fail if you are unable to prioritise and make time for the implementation. Make sure you are ready to focus on the project, embrace change and get ready to go live!

Here are ten tips you can use to help exceed everyone’s expectations and realise all the benefits of your new recruitment software.

Step One: Create a staffing software implementation Project Team

Having the right team in place will help you succeed with your implementation. Your chosen software provider should have a Project Manager in place for you, but no one knows your agency better than you. Assemble a team you know will champion the system and motivate and encourage the rest of the company during the change.

Step Two: Provide internal communication

Implementing new software can be a very straightforward process.  However, without updates and shared information, anyone not involved in making decisions can be left feeling in the dark, worried and anxious about what it might mean for them. Celebrate the implementation process along the way!

Download our 10 step guide to a successful staffing and recruitment software implementation here

Step Three: Measure your progress

How do you keep everyone on track? If you aren’t getting them from your provider, ask for regular updates. Key tasks and milestones will be set for you and the team you are working with, and it’s important both sides meet their goals.

Step Four: Internal Project Management

Failure to complete your project tasks can lead to project delays, increased costs, and sometimes even project failure. There are project management best practices you can use to ensure your staff are on track.

Step Five: Review your processes

Truly successful software implementations are done by staffing agencies that go beyond simply installing new software; instead, they incorporate the new software into their business and processes from day one.  In order to achieve this success, the changes must be managed throughout the implementation and your users must be represented with each step.

Adapt 10 steps Software Implementation_SMLIn the next instalment, we look at the final five steps for how to successfully implement your new staffing and recruitment software.

To read more about how to have the most successful staffing and recruitment software implementation, click here to download our latest eBook.


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James Payne
James joined a leading global recruitment agency as a graduate recruiter and soon progressed to managing several teams. Joining Bond in 2011, James has brought a wealth of recruitment industry experience to his role as Head of Business Development. He is responsible for helping secure global, enterprise-level contracts and oversees the overall performance of the wider sales team.

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