The Power of Using IFTTT as a Recruiter

Posted by Megan Walker | April 21, 2015 |
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What is IFTTT? Good question, and up until about a month ago I had never heard of it. Now, I see it popping up all over the place. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. If ‘something’ happens, do ‘something else’. It’s tied to your mobile device, and applies to apps and tools.  For example, if you leave home, turn Wi-Fi off on your phone. If you get to the office, turn Wi-Fi on again.

To get started, visit and create an account. You will need to connect it to your phone and activate the channels (Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) that you wish to use. Next, you will create recipes, which are simple connections between products and apps.


Give me an example!

Here’s one I created from a personal stand point. When I add photos to Instagram, I don’t want to use up the storage on my phone. I do want to keep them to go back through if I need one, so I am using IFTTT to upload the image to Google Drive instead. 


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How can Recruiters use this?

Good question! It’s all about making your life easier, and having information sent to you, rather than you having to go out and look for it. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. RSS Feed to email for companies where you can’t subscribe

If a website has an RSS feed, they typically have a way to subscribe to it. However, not all do. If you want to be kept up to date on a client, or a prospect, you can simply create an email alert using IFTTT. Find the RSS feed address (or use this to create a feed), add it to your recipe, then determine how you want to receive the update. This can be via an e-mail, text message, or a push notification on your phone. 


2. New jobs for companies you follow on LinkedIn

This one is great to find out new job openings for companies that you follow on LinkedIn. You can use it to find out what your current clients are recruiting for, or companies you are interested in working with. Could be a way to reach out to a prospect and skill market a great candidate who is the perfect fit for the position. Many companies post on LinkedIn rather than other job boards, so be the first to know about it! 


3. Add someone to a Twitter list when they use a specific hashtag

If you are an avid Twitter user, then you have no doubt used a #hashtag, and may have even created a list or two. It’s already hard enough to keep up with all of the tweets posted by those you follow, or your followers. This recipe will add anyone to a list you create, when they use a hashtag you specify. This makes it easier to group all of the people together and view their tweets, rather than just the hashtag tweets themselves. Great idea if you are hosting or attending an event, have a job fair you are running, or just want to keep up to date with something happening in the industry. 


4. Add Twitter links to Evernote (or OneNote, Google Drive etc.)

If you tweet out links to articles or interesting information, you might have a need to go back and find that link again. Looking back through all of your old tweets could be tedious to try and find the right link. You can create a recipe that takes any URL from your tweets and adds it to your note app of choice. I use Evernote, and add the links to a specific notebook. I can then skim through the notebook to find what I am looking for. 


5. Update on a LinkedIn contact’s new job

Ever had a great contact at a company, only to find out they left and have no idea where they went? With this recipe, you can get notified any time one of your LinkedIn contacts start a new job. Set this up as an e-mail, text message or push notification on your phone. It would also be useful to know if one of your star candidates or employees has moved on and found a new position. Keep up to date with moves, or promotions within the same company too. Great to reach out with a congratulations, and also means you don’t have to keep logging in to LinkedIn to find out! 


Have you used IFTTT to set up any great recipes? Anything else you can think of? Share your ideas below, I would love to hear them! 

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Megan Walker
Megan has worked for the Bond Group since 2007. Starting in the United States, she worked as an Implementation Consultant, an Account Manager, Training & Education Specialist, and then managed the Client Services Team. Moving back to her homeland in 2014, she now works for Bond in the United Kingdom as their Marketing Manager.

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