The Recruitment Race: Keeping Ahead of the Competition with Mobile

Posted by Toby Conibear | May 30, 2014 |
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DevicesWoodTableThe recruitment industry may have been seen as slow on the uptake when it came to mobile, but being mobile savvy can help you win the race.

Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, discusses the importance of going mobile. 

Smartphone penetration has reached 67% according to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and tablet penetration has reached 22%. Add to this ComScore estimating that between 20% and 30% of all recruitment pages are currently viewed via a mobile device – enabling effective interaction via mobile devices is now a necessity. 

Right place, right time

In this market, timing is now critical. As the economy improves, employers are increasingly aware of their staff looking for new opportunities – with the vast majority of job applications being made out of hours. 

The organisation that responds first, wins as market competition is encouraging consultants to work via mobile out of hours. Providing consultants with secure, password enabled mobile access to the full depth of candidate and client information is becoming essential. 

There is no doubt this is a cultural change that will need to be considered and addressed. But continuing to work traditional nine to five hours is going to be a fast track to failure if the competition is proactively tracking applications out of hours and getting candidates in front of clients first. 

Going the extra mile

From using a client company hyperlink to get a map and directions, to enabling a full candidate database via mobile when in a client meeting; the way consultants engage with clients can take significant steps forward.  

Mobile technologies allow consultants to provide higher levels of service during onsite client meetings, including recording in-depth information on the spot and running database searches of potential candidates. For temporary jobs or short term contracts this real time activity provides a clear commercial edge. 

Consultants’ use of time outside of the office is further maximised by completing internal office processes on the move. But this model can be extended even further using the full extent of mobile automation where after receiving a new role push notification, the candidates can then read the assignment and confirm if they would like to take it or not. 

In the temporary market, the system can automatically confirm the job to both candidate and employer and send time and place details. The process is streamlined, effective and rapid –freeing up consultants to undertake the value added roles of client and candidate acquisition. 

No one disputes that mobile is changing the way in which recruitment consultancies interact with candidates . Those consultancies that are willing to exploit anywhere, anytime access to information and automation will steal a march on the competition.

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Toby Conibear
Toby has worked for Bond since 1996. His career started as a Technical Support Consultant, then worked as an Account Manager, then Head of European Sales. Currently, Toby is responsible for driving growth of the EMEA business region, specialising in large scale multinational deployments. Working as Group Business Development Director, Toby is part of the Bond board leadership team.

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