The Rise of the Job Board

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | October 25, 2016 |
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riseofthejobboardsmallResearch undertaken on behalf of Bond International Software has set out to discover the current state of the recruitment market from candidates’ preferences to the ways in which individuals now address a change in career.

Key issues considered in the research included: how differently do millennials approach the job market, is social media dominating recruitment activity and are recruitment companies responding effectively to new market trends?

The research was undertaken by independent research house, Opiniongraphy on behalf of Bond International Software. The research was conducted online during May 2016 and was completed by 1,000 office workers who were not business owners.

In this four part blog series from Bond International Software, we will explore the research findings and highlight what they mean for the recruitment industry moving forward. In this initial blog, Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director, Bond International Software, discusses how in a world of evolving recruitment techniques, the job board still stands as the firm favourite for many candidates.

Choices, choices

The way in which individuals approach a career change is clearly dependent upon a number of factors, from age to seniority/job role – but one fact is absolutely clear: the online job site is still the number one preferred starting point for candidates. Of office workers who have looked for a job in the last year, 81% have used online job sites.

With regards to other methods, 51% have used a recruitment agency, 37% have used national or local newspapers and only 25% have chosen social media as their chosen portal for a job search.

When asked how helpful these approaches have proved, again the online job site comes out top, with 68% of those who have used these sites saying they were the most helpful. This compares to recruitment agencies (38%), direct to organisation (38%), national and local newspapers (13%) and social media (14%).

There is a clear view among candidates that job boards present the most up to date vacancies, with 46% citing this as the reason why they use them, and 55% say that they have the best variety of jobs available. With candidates clearly favouring the job board, it is vital recruiters ensure that they are utilising these to full effect.

Skill sets

Candidates are clearly convinced of the value of online job sites, but they are also increasingly looking beyond the generalist sites towards the growing number of specialists. In fact, 62% of office workers said that they would prefer to use an industry or skill specific job board – an even split between each.

Regionally specific job boards, however, are least likely to be useful when searching for a new role, although this does vary between roles. For example, candidates in more senior roles, and a more established career path, are more likely to have a preference for a skills specific job board. Candidates in a non-management role are a little more likely to prefer regionally specific job boards.

For recruiters looking to determine where best to advertise jobs, it is important to recognise the clear differentiation in attitudes between candidates. From regional differences to age, experience and sector specific requirements, candidates will take a different approach – recruiters need to actively measure the sources of legitimate candidates in order to understand how candidate behaviour is evolving; then continually refine strategy based on this in order to maximise reach to candidates and ensure they are a step ahead of the competition.

To download the full research report please click here.

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