Thinking of Changing your Recruitment CRM?

Lisa Joneslisa-jones is a Director of Barclay Jones, a consultancy working with agency recruiters on their recruitment technology and social media strategies. Prior to Barclay Jones she worked in a number of Recruitment, IT, Web and Operations director-level roles. She is a technology and strategy junkie with keen eyes on the business process. You’ll see Lisa speaking at many recruitment industry events and being a recruitment technology and social media evangelist online. Lisa works with some of the large recruitment firms, as well as the smaller, agile boutique agencies.

In this guest blog post, (originally posted on the Barclay Jones website) Lisa addresses the daunting task of changing your recruitment CRM system.

Thinking of Changing your Recruitment CRM? 

It’s a little like a heart transplant! 

Lots of recruiters are planning on updating / migrating their recruitment CRM this year – and to be fair it’s about time. So many of you have changed shape, size, offering – but your systems and processes have stayed the same.

Social media is kicking butt and giving your clients great opportunities to give recruitment a go (isn’t it simply advertising, after all?) Before you step into the potential abyss of business change, have a think about what you need to achieve.

My business has seen some great recruitment CRM implementations over the years, but to be fair we have witnessed some pretty bad ones too. These tend to be because:

Some ideas to help you think about recruitment CRM more strategically (and thus a higher chance of getting it right):

What’s the reason for your change?

If you give yourself time to really think about it (give it a go, it won’t hurt!) you’re less likely to:

Terrible analogy alert: CRM should be a little like your heart. Pretty critical, hidden away but damn busy. Take care of it. And if you’re planning on changing it, spend time to get a decent match (and make sure that you get the right team to put it in).