Time to Get Creative: Overcoming Recruitment Industry Challenges in London Tech City

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | July 29, 2015 |
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Adapt_LondonA recent article discussing the recruitment challenges in London Tech City highlights the skills shortage and how it impacts recruitment agencies and their clients.

Putting the London Tech City recruitment market into perspective, research suggests that out of the 1,350 Tech City businesses, 45% say a shortage of skilled workers is the biggest challenge they face and 77% reckon they could grow faster if there were more skilled people available. As we continue in the Year of the Candidate, never has this been more prevalent than in Tech City where candidates truly hold the power in the recruiter/client/candidate relationship.

To provide the best service possible, recruiters should also act as consultants to help educate clients not fully aware of the skills shortage, or who don’t understand the need to change their approach to the benefits and perks they offer to candidates.

Going that extra mile in ‘courting’ candidates and making them feel valued will pay dividends when having a range of suitable candidates to put forward for roles. As much as it is about marketing the job position well, it is also about marketing yourself as a brand – encouraging people to trust you, and use your agency when searching for a new job role.

Consider incentives – do you offer benefits and perks to applicants when they are placed? It can be a good tactic to help solidify the relationship between the recruiter and the candidate.  These incentives don’t always have to be of monetary value, and just showing an overall appreciation towards your candidates can make a difference to the amount of loyalty they will show you as an agency.

Thinking outside the box will help you build the best job position offering for a candidate. Is there an added-value or benefit you are able to offer, which is relevant to the job role and over and above what your competitors offering?

In any challenging climate, those willing and able to adapt will be most successful. So, get creative, be different, and above all, be genuine in your approach. Providing an honest consultation to a client isn’t always easy, but if approached in the right way, can be extremely rewarding for all parties concerned.

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