Top 10 Mobile Apps for Social Team Collaboration

Posted by Megan Walker | July 28, 2015 |
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mobile_collaborationAnyone who has ever worked in recruitment will tell you, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Everything moves fast, it has to in order to keep up with the need. If you are on the road a lot, the need to stay in touch with your team, your candidates and your clients becomes even more important.

You don’t want to miss out on conversations going on online. Below are a list of mobile apps to help keep you informed, connect faster and have statistics at your fingertips when needed.

WordPress (or other CMS app) – by @Automattic

One of the best tools to use for your online presence is a blog. Search engines love regularly updated content. There are some great Content Management Systems available, and WordPress has a fantastic mobile app. I have used it in the past when creating a few websites personally. The app is basically a mobile version of the admin area you are used to seeing on your desktop. Do you have something you need to update quickly while on the road? Using an app to access your website means you can make changes on the fly, fix typos should you see them, or write and schedule a new blog post.

Android | iPhone

Google Analytics – by @Google

If you have a website (and hopefully if you have a recruitment agency you have your online presence created), having Google Analytics installed is a must have.  Want to know how well a blog post is performing? Or quickly see how many visitors you currently have on your website, and where they are visiting from? Use the mobile app for quick access, without skimping on the functionality. You can even create new reports directly from your phone.

Android | iPhone

Hangouts – by @Google

It doesn’t have to be Hangouts (Skype, FaceTime etc.) but using this app is a great way to conduct group messages or video calls. Hangouts is good because it links directly to the Google+ circles you have created. If you have a circle with all of your fellow recruiters in the office, you can easily send them a message while on the go. Send one on one messages to candidates or clients, and use the video chat feature for video interviews or conferences.

Android | iPhone

Facebook Pages Manager – by @Facebook

If your agency has a Facebook Page and you are an admin, this app is great for connecting with your audience and keeping up with any activity. You can post photos and respond to any comments through the app. Knowing that your actions will be completed as the Page, and not your own name is comforting for anyone who has posted to the wrong place before (guilty!). It’s a great way to view the latest insights for your page, and also gives you the ability to view and replay to any private messages your page gets. Good for interaction and to keep any social communication flowing.

Android | iPhone

Google My Business – by @Google

This app allows you to manage your business, or page information on Google+. You can post from here, just as you can through the Google+ app, but means it’s definitely going to go out as your business name, without any possible mistakes! You can use the app to view your Insights, showing number of views, followers, engagement etc. Being a Google app, it has direct links to Google Analytics and YouTube Creator Studio.

Android | iPhone

YouTube Creator Studio – by @Google

As mentioned, this one is linked to from the My Business app from Google. It’s great for the Analytics, and a good way to respond to and moderate comments, but it’s still lacking a little in functionality. In order to upload a video, you still need to go in to the original YouTube app. Seems a little misleading to call it a ‘Creator Studio’ right? Having said that, it’s still a good app to use to monitor your channel and overall video performance.

Android | iPhone

Trello – by @Trello

Trello is a fantastic collaboration tool and one I use from a marketing perspective. They claim that working on group projects is as ‘easy as using sticky notes on a whiteboard’. I would agree, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an extremely powerful tool. Create boards that you share with people on your team, and add your projects to cards with due dates, checklists and comments. Through the app you can update boards, add new ones, and move items around easily. Easy to get prepared on the morning train by updating cards and reassigning tasks as needed. If you haven’t seen it before, check it out today!

Android| iPhone

Wunderlist – by @Wunderlist

While you could use Trello for ALL of your checklists, Wunderlist is too cool not to mention. I started using this when my husband and I were planning a move back to England from the United States. It’s a quick and easy way to create a to-do list. Lists can be shared with others with tasks assigned to people. You can set reminders, attach photos and other documents, and then access lists from your phone or computer. Even if it’s as simple as a list of when you need to buy more tea and milk for the office, take a look at Wunderlist and make your life easier.

Android | iPhone

Fitbit – by @Fitbit

Fitbit? Ok, so this is a bit of a random one, but it’s a great way to feel like a ‘healthy team’ working towards the same goal. If it’s not a Fitbit you have, it could be any number of step tracking devices. Fitbit is the one I have, and so do a few work colleagues. Tracking steps is nothing new, but the best feature about Fitbit is the ability to create and invite people to challenges. The Workweek Hustle helps everyone reach their daily goals by creating a bit of friendly competition from Monday to Friday. Can’t do a whole week? Take on the Goal Day or Daily Showdown Challenge and be victorious against the rest of the office!

Android | iPhone

Adapt InTouch – by @BondIntUK

The most important way to collaborate with the rest of your recruitment agency is through your CRM/ATS system. Bond Adapt InTouch gives recruiters fast and easy access to their Adapt data on the move. It helps with searching and finding candidates within the Adapt database, gaining access to and updating the document library, and running core workflow reporting – to name just a few functionalities. In short, everything a recruiter needs to keep finding and matching candidates on the move. Contact your Bond representative for more information.

What about you? Do you have your must have, go to apps you use on a regular basis? Let me know about them in the comments below.

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Megan Walker
Megan has worked for the Bond Group since 2007. Starting in the United States, she worked as an Implementation Consultant, an Account Manager, Training & Education Specialist, and then managed the Client Services Team. Moving back to her homeland in 2014, she now works for Bond in the United Kingdom as their Marketing Manager.

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