Top tips on Attracting the Right Talent When Recruiting

Posted by Adapt Newsroom | May 6, 2015 |
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AdaptBlogAs job numbers continue to rise and competition remains fierce to place the right candidate first – what can a recruitment consultant do to make a difference? Here are our top three tips to capture the smarter candidate.

The news since the beginning of the year has been flooded with stories hailing 2015 as the ‘Year of the Candidate’.

A third of employees are seeking a job change this year, which sounds pretty positive for the recruitment industry; but look beyond the headlines and the challenges become clear.

According to REC’s report on jobs, the candidate is gaining power: in an era of high employment and a lack of skills in many areas, it is the candidate who holds the cards – not the employer.

So how does this change the role of the recruiter and what processes need to be in place to ensure the smarter candidate still sees value in the recruitment agency offering?  Here are our top three tips for success:

  1. Nurturing Candidates

With the power in the recruiter versus candidate relationship sitting with the candidate, it is essential to ensure the fundamental aspects of the recruitment model work. Taking what can be seen as basic steps to ensure you are positioning both yourself, and your organisation, in the best light is important. Questions to ask include: Is the recruitment agency’s website up-to-date? How easy is it for candidates to find the information they need? With the rise of mobile usage, is the website optimised for smart phones and tablets?

  1. Capture and Keep

Use technology that enables you to engage with potential candidates – even at the end of the road in an application for a specific job role. While some recruiters may feel it is acceptable to only contact the successful candidate, an email acknowledgement to all candidates is now a basic expectation.  And, while this candidate may not be right for this job, he or she will likely be suitable for a role in a few weeks’ or months’ time. You can easily begin to build this relationship by setting up an automated email acknowledging every application.

  1. Social Strategy

Social media can no longer be ignored. It is important to step back and evaluate the strategy and consider: How does the company react to negative/positive comments on social media? What is the process for reacting to comments? Do team members have their own profiles to help promote roles and engage with candidates?

It is important to take a step back once in a while and consider how it feels to be a candidate. This way, you can analyse areas which require work and position yourself, and your organisation, in the best way to attract the most suitable candidates.

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