What is SaaS? – Part One

What is SaaSAs SaaS uptake continues to grow in the recruitment industry, are you hearing the buzz but left wondering what SaaS might actually mean to your business? In the first of two blogs, Shane Wheeler, Marketing Communications Executive, Bond International Software, shares the key points to help you answer the question, ‘What is Saas?’…

SaaS (pronounced “sass”) stands for Software as a Service. Using SaaS means software doesn’t need to be installed on your desktop, laptop or tablet hard-drive because it’s installed on the software provider’s server instead, and your access is via the internet. With SaaS delivery, you’re effectively renting the software instead of buying it, which is why the term ‘On Demand’ is often used. If you regularly log-in to Google, Facebook or Twitter you already have plenty of experience with SaaS delivery software. The process of saving photos to an album on Facebook isn’t a million miles from saving a candidate’s CV on your SaaS delivery CRM system – in each case your data is saved on the provider’s server and you access it online.

But is SaaS right for your business? Along with simple ‘log-in and go’ online access, there are a number of benefits SaaS can offer which are certainly worth considering.

No hardware worries

Hardware costs are low because the software provider has taken care of the servers, processing power and data storage required to run the software and deliver it to you. You need to buy your own desktop or handheld device of course, but chances are you already have more than one which is ready to access and run SaaS applications. Thanks to the handy ‘cross-device compatibility’ smarts built into SaaS, any internet-enabled device can access the software. If you don’t always use the same computer, or use a number of handheld devices, as long as your internet service is good and your devices aren’t relics, logging-in and using SaaS is simple.

Effective costs

When buying software for installation on your own server the upfront costs can be high, but renting can be much more cost effective. Here at Bond, we have ‘per user, per month’ rates and making changes to your number of users is quick and easy. You can budget effectively and manage cash flow without worrying about any unpleasant surprises, such as the need to hire more people to handle IT and admin.

Scale up

Infinite scalability is possible with SaaS. If you decide to add more users, features or functionality this can all be done on demand, without the need to buy new hardware or install new software. With Adapt OnDemand, it’s possible to start your business with two or three recruitment consultants in one location and, as your business grows, add new users when and where necessary – worldwide.

Save time

SaaS deployments are pretty snappy compared to on premise installations, which can take considerably longer because the software needs to be set-up on every individual users’ computer. It all depends on the size and complexity of the deployment of course, but generally speaking, time is saved with SaaS.

Easy upgrades and updates

With SaaS, there’s also the added bonus of a healthy stream of upgrades and updates, making sure you always have the latest version featuring all the new improvements – free of additional charges.