What is SaaS? – Part Two

What is SaaSAs SaaS uptake continues to grow in the recruitment industry, are you hearing the buzz but left wondering what SaaS might actually mean to your business? In the second of two blogs, Shane Wheeler, Marketing Communications Executive, Bond International Software, shares the key points to help you answer the question, ‘What is Saas?’…

Multi-tenant or single-tenant?

There are two different types of SaaS delivery software, ‘multi-tenant’ and ‘single-tenant’. The two approaches are straightforward and mean you can select the one which is absolutely right for your business.

Via multi-tenant, all users across a number of client companies access one cloud server and the same version of the software. Every client has their own separate set-up and data, securely ring-fenced from the others, like a self-contained flat built into an exclusive tower block. At Bond, multi-tenant SaaS is known as OnDemand.

With single-tenant services, one client accesses their very own version of the software, via their very own cloud server. The system can be built to exact specifications and, following the analogy above, it’s like a detached house built on a separate plot of land. At Bond, single-tenant SaaS is known as OnDemand plus.


All you need is a good internet service to access SaaS software, but there are clever things SaaS providers can do to enhance and speed up your software experience. Here at Bond, we take a two-pronged approach to ensuring our OnDemand services are fast.

We constantly monitor and measure the service received by every individual Adapt OnDemand user, enabled by an APM (Application Performance Management) system provided by our partner, Dynatrace. This system measures SaaS speed and user-satisfaction levels for us and we use this valuable information to further develop our software, and have been doing so for some time, years in fact; effectively engineering Adapt OnDemand for speed.

Then, we utilise the services of another partner, Akamai, to accelerate Adapt OnDemand delivery over the internet to achieve faster response times (no waiting around after you ‘click’) and avoid ‘traffic jams’. There’s a lot going on in the cloud, so you need a beautifully engineered vehicle with a state of the art guidance system.

Tight security

Standard SaaS security enables restricting access to data by individual users or groups of users and recording audit trails to help spot any data misuse. At Bond, we firmly believe in stopping data misuse before it starts, prevention rather than cure, so we regularly hire third-party ‘penetration testing’ experts to attempt to ‘break in’ to the Adapt OnDemand infrastructure. These tests alert us to any cloud security weaknesses so we can fix them before they become a problem.

Bond has achieved a number of ISO accreditations, including ISO27001 (Information Technology Security Techniques), demonstrating the security of our day to day operational procedures.

Bottom line, your data represents your company’s Intellectual Property and must be secure.

Where are we going?

SaaS has been around in various shapes and forms since the sixties, when IBM started a ‘service bureau business’, delivering computing power and database storage to clients from their worldwide data centres.

Bond have been providing recruitment software for over forty years now, always reacting to marketplace needs, always engineering and innovating to keep recruiters ahead of the curve. The cloud is an exciting place, we’ve all come a long way since IBM opened the door, and the technology keeps getting smarter.

What is SaaS? SaaS could be your businesses’ ticket to success.