Investing in the Future: What Makes a Good Recruiter?

Investing In FutureInvesting in new consultants for your recruitment agency can be tricky because it’s important to balance the cost and time required to get them up-to-speed. Some skills can be passed on by senior team members, or learned on the job; however there are ingrained skills which ultimately make a good recruiter. In this blog Toby Conibear, European Business Development Director at Bond International Software, takes a look at the core skills required.

Due to the changing demands of the industry, recruiters are now expected to be well-versed in many additional areas – such as effectively handling both face-to-face and social media communication.

Increasingly, graduates are expanding their CVs to include additional extra-curricular activities and qualifications to help position them in the best light, so what makes a good graduate recruitment consultant in these more challenging times?

The ideal graduate recruitment consultant will need to:

Keeping a focus on the above basic skills during your own agency recruitment process will help you identify the budding talent which can then be shaped and moulded into a star recruiter through coaching and training. These qualities may seem like basic requirements when recruiting but can make a huge difference to a recruitment agency team.

There is no denying the extensive pool of experienced and talented graduates out there; being able to spot a potential star recruiter can make all the difference to your recruitment team.