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Nicolas Lymbouris, Manager, HR & Recruitment Services, Octagon Professionals International: “Octagon Professionals focus on providing Recruitment and HR Services to international companies and organisations in The Netherlands. We establish strong, long-term partnerships and serve our clients with a mix of direct hire (both at mid and executive level) contract and flexible employment solutions offerings.

Over five years ago, when taking a step forward to repositioning our value proposition and internal operations to reflect that, finding a full solution software system that allowed us to work in a structured, stable and efficient way was paramount. We reached out to several international and local vendors, Bond International Software being one. Back then, the web-based nature, strong and common sense workflows, fairly simple customisation and overall must have features inclusive package of the Adapt suite, made it stand out and was the finalist in our selection process.

Since then, we’ve been through several system upgrades, always keeping the familiar look and straightforward set-up – not too many bells and whistles, but the core functionality that a recruitment firm working in a fast-paced sector needs to stay on top of things, grow successfully and serve its clients in a quality way. The last update also incorporated commercial workflows that added value to the sales activities and further integration with other applications we use – helping our consultants stay focused and be successful.

From an ROI perspective, investing in a system that’s geared both to very large, as well as small and medium size firms could be seen as risky, but Bond Adapt proved that at its base, it focused on the same basic recruitment workflows that are applicable in any type of recruitment activity, service or environment. ROI comes back in different ways every year; in initial years the structure and knowledge management (thus more efficiency in personnel time), in later years building on the ROI of the first years and getting more out of the collaboration and customer (candidate and client) experience as well.  Overall, ROI has been there and increasing year by year as our organisation grows and the working experience as well as usage potential capture of the system is utilised.

We look forward to a continued collaboration with Bond, further development of the Adapt system, staying ahead of the faster technology developments and building on the basic elements that have made it successful for us throughout the years.”

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