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John Luckhurst, Operations Manager for wilsonhalligan: “When I joined wilsonhalligan they didn’t have a specialist recruitment CRM system and they asked my advice about the type of software they should install.  I had worked with an earlier version of Adapt at a previous company and remembered how the system had been tailored by Bond to meet their needs, so it made sense to suggest the system for wilsonhalligan, especially considering how niche the Superyacht market is.  We reviewed a number of recruitment software systems and Adapt was streets ahead – and we could mould it to our unique requirements.  We worked with Bond to configure key areas on the client and candidate sides of the system.

A client to us is a yacht, so the first thing we did was change the ‘Client Name’ to the ‘Yacht Name’, but that was only the beginning.  Rather than the client address and details, which most recruiters would have on their database, we have all the details of the particular yacht – the type of yacht, engine size, current location, number of crew, itinerary, owner, owner nationality, details of the yachts’ departments and further useful information.  All of these requirements have been built into the client side of our Adapt system.

On the candidate side we added nationality, yacht experience and some functionality which is most probably unique to the Superyacht industry – a ‘couple’ option, enabling us to actively connect two separate candidate records.  People working on Superyachts spend a lot of time away at sea together and often become romantically involved – then they look for future contracts and prefer to work together.  The ‘couple’ option saves our consultants a huge amount of time, they can effectively handle enquiries from candidates working in couples and place them with the yachts matching their requirements.

The searching facilities are also very good, in two clicks you can search for anyone in the system or anything on their CV – a lot of software packages offered this, but they didn’t appear as comprehensive as Adapt.  About a month into using the system, it had paid for itself in regard to the candidates we had found and placed – from very early on it was clearly making a difference.

When new people join wilsonhalligan, they don’t realise how much bespoke work has been done in our system – it doesn’t look like it’s been configured, it looks like it’s tailor-made for us – which really is a compliment to Bond.  And it doesn’t break down, which is something I’ve seen happen with other software systems following bespoke configuration.

Any software system is only as good as the most inexperienced computer user, it has to be user friendly for all.  We have a wide range of people with different skills here at wilsonhalligan and everyone can use Adapt as well as the next person.  Everything’s in the right place and it works.”

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