Cloud Recruitment Software – Advantages of SaaS Solutions

Cloud recruitment software is in increasing demand. Also known as SaaS (Software as a Service), this type of solution has a number of advantages compared with more traditional hosting. AdaptUX provides a choice of fully managed options to fit your specific business, scaled to your needs.

Fast Access, Wherever You Are

One of the major advantages of cloud software is that you can access it anytime and from anywhere. Many recruiters have to move around in the course of the work, while it also possible that some of your team may be based remotely. So it is essential to be able to access your database and recruitment tools from wherever you are.

As well as needing access at any time, you also need web based recruitment software to be fast. It can be frustrating if systems are slow to access when you are on the move, with pages which take a long time to load, so that tasks which should be carried out in a matter of minutes become far more time-consuming.  

Bond’s AdaptUX SaaS (OnDemand and OnDemand plus) services are accessible from anywhere, securely, and have been created to operate very fast. Whenever a user selects any function, the system is fully optimised to pick the fastest route between server and device.

Cost Effective 

Many savings can be achieved by SaaS, making it a cost-effective solution for the companies who choose it. For example, instead of having to invest in upgrades, you can pay a simple monthly fee. The system will constantly be kept up-to-date so that you are always using the latest version.

You will also save on the cost of computer hardware and infrastructure, including the space taken up in your office by servers, together with in-house support. In addition to full hosting, Bond also provides maintenance services.

A highly cost-effective overall solution, AdaptUX enables you to budget exactly, as you know what costs to expect and will not have to meet one-off set-up or upgrade costs. 

Expert Support

One of the attractions of software as a service is that you can get expert support from people who know the systems concerned in great detail. Where it might take some time for in-house IT staff to get to grips with a change to the system, SaaS support teams will already be fully aware of any such issue and able to ensure that implementation goes smoothly.

Full support from AdaptUX is available to customers choosing cloud recruitment software services as part of the contract. Our support departments are on hand to respond to technical queries or problems and ensure they are dealt with swiftly.

Saving Staff Time

As well as saving money, cloud solutions also save the time of both your recruitment team and your IT staff. Choosing this type of software means staff in both areas of the business can focus on recruitment priorities which are more business-critical, instead of losing time ensuring that processes are running correctly.

AdaptUX cloud-based systems keep admin tasks to a minimum and make it easy to get to the information you need fast. They also allow easy integration with third-party systems, with the ability to “bolt on” a number of applications without these needing to be specially configured.

AdaptUX Cloud Staffing Software On Demand

There are two different high-quality options available for AdaptUX SaaS software, OnDemand and OnDemand plus. Both are cloud-based, with expert support available whenever you need it to resolve any queries quickly and effectively. Bond provides full hosting and maintenance for both options, but with OnDemand plus your system will also have extra flexibility and be fully configurable to meet your specific business needs. OnDemand plus clients will also benefit from a dedicated account manager.

For more information on our cloud-based recruitment software options, click here to download the AdaptUX brochure.

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