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GR UK Summit

11 February 2015 | 30 Euston Square, London

The Global Recruiter UK Summit 2015: Evolutionary Recruitment was for everyone keen to be a part of the new recruitment industry.

GR Summit 2015 Banner

Bond exhibited the latest version of Bond Adapt throughout the Global Recruiter UK Summit 2015.

Evolutionary Recruitment

Workforce practices and patterns are changing and the skills of recruiters need to change in order to deliver success. Far from becoming obsolete or outdated, the recruiter’s role is already and will continue to be crucial to ensure employers and candidates adapt to and benefit from these changes.

The Global Recruiter UK Summit, Evolutionary Recruitment, brought together industry experts to give an insight into the challenges of the current and new workplace and into how the business of recruitment and recruiters themselves are developing to deliver successful models.

Industry and economic trends, technology and demographics are all affecting the industry. The UK Summit gave the insight, skills and strategies required to become a vital recruiter in the economy. The challenges may seem great but the opportunity is here for recruiters to bring great value to companies and candidates, continuing to help them realise their full potential, whatever their role, whatever their industry.

Sessions addressed:

Diversity and gender – recruiters can longer ignore the need to ensure their work is carried out with inclusion at the centre of all they do. Bias – both conscious and unconscious – needs to be driven out of the recruitment process

Working patterns – technology, family life, work life balance, the breaking down of traditional jobs into smaller, more specialist roles – all these issues are affecting the way recruitment is carried out and how recruiters should work.

Regulation and compliance – government, financial and industry standards are consistently being reviewed, updated, audited and imposed on the industry. As the workforce evolves, how will compliance change? Will recruitment be ‘held back’ or view it as an opportunity to excel?

With presentations from:

Natasha Clarke, Managing Partner, SThree

Kate Donovan Senior Vice President, ManpowerGroup Solutions, Global RPO President

Denis Pennel, Managing Director, Ciett

Jeanette Ramsden, co-owner, The Curve Group

Susan Scott-Parker, Founder and Chief Executive of Business Disability Forum

Lyndsey Simpson, co-owner, The Curve Group

Ann Swain, CEO, APSCo

Della Wolfe, co-owner, The Curve Group

The Global Recruiter UK Summit 2015 is for everyone who wants to be part of the new recruitment industry.

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