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AdaptUX staffing software is enhanced with LinkedIn integration for even more powerful candidate sourcing capability.

Harness the power of the world’s largest professional network via Bond’s powerful LinkedIn integration. Easily view and action LinkedIn member profile information without leaving Bond Adapt, export jobs directly to LinkedIn and utilise the unique AdaptCentral portal to quickly receive job applications from LinkedIn members.

Watch our webinar with LinkedIn on the Bond Adapt integration

Bond’s partnership with LinkedIn has resulted in a smart and intuitive integration, carefully designed to deliver recruiters all the information and advantages LinkedIn and Adapt provide, without having to switch between the systems.  Powerful, time-saving features include:

LinkedIn Recruiter Cross System Awareness

Seamless integration between Bond Adapt and LinkedIn Cross System Awareness extends the value of LinkedIn Recruiter to Adapt.

LinkedIn CSA

LinkedIn Recruiter InMail integration

Enhance the power of LinkedIn Recruiter InMail by attaching InMail messages you have received to the relevant candidate records in your Adapt database.  Quickly create new Adapt candidate records from LinkedIn member InMail responses and effectively build your talent pool. 


Developed by Bond to maximize the recruitment processes enabled by the LinkedIn and Bond Adapt integration, AdaptCentral delivers unique functionality. Find out more about AdaptCentral here. For more information on our LinkedIn integration, or any other features of the AdaptUX staffing software, contact your Bond representative, or contact us here for a demo. 


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