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Utilising a feed of names and numbers for candidates and clients, Oak’s CTI solution links to the local or hosted telephony platform.

Bond International Software is pleased to launch our latest productivity enhancement; developed utilising Oak Innovation’s Smartphone PC software, to link to both your telephone system* and Bond Adapt to provide the following functionality & benefits:

Inbound Screen Pop: When your telephone rings, a discrete pop up activates on your pc screen display showing the caller’s details such as candidate/client and assigned primary consultant.

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Inbound Screen Pop

Oak 03 50x50Outbound Communication: On screen click to dial from within the Bond Adapt record. Also dial from web pages, on screen speed-dials, clipboard and call logs.

Oak 04 50x43New Number Capture: When receiving a call from an unknown number, automatically capture the number with options to tag this against an existing candidate or company.

Oak 05 50x50Smartphone Features: The PC Smartphone software has useful features which aid Internal communication.

Return On Investment: Typically each Consultant will save approximately 16 minutes per day – this saving works out the equivalent of 0.5 FTE per 13 consultants in addition to the soft benefits of improved customer service and better use of Bond Adapt.

To find out more, call your Bond Account Manager or 0800 9889 625

*Compatible with most modern telephone systems, live web demo or flash videos available on request

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