Recruitment Agency Software – Streamlining Your Processes

The fast development of recruitment agency software has made a major difference to agencies of all sizes. Instead of having to spend a lot of time trawling through large piles of data, cutting-edge software solutions such as AdaptUX allow you to find precisely the information you need, quickly and easily.

Advantages of AdaptUX Staffing Agency Software

Saving Time

Having the right staffing software in place can save agencies large amounts of time. When it comes to placing an ad, you can advertise a vacancy in a much shorter period than used to be the case and it can be posted online within minutes rather than days.

Time is also saved in receiving applications. Allowing people to apply via a web portal can connect you with candidates quickly, with new records immediately being created within your database. Also, if someone applies via a job board or social media, their details can be channelled through to you right away and used to create easily accessible records.

Checking through CVs can also be carried out much faster by using AdaptUX. It is possible to carry out a search which will scan many different sources of information simultaneously, including emails, application forms and social media, drawing out key data from all of them. Pinpointing which candidates have the required qualifications and skills early on can save recruiters a lot of time which would otherwise be spent in sifting through paperwork. 

Accessible from Anywhere   

Cloud-based software and mobile functionality are increasingly essential for agencies in today’s environment. Agency staff may be working in multiple offices in different locations or travelling around. Wherever they are at any given time, colleagues need to be able to collaborate via the web, in the knowledge that their information is being kept secure.

As well as being invaluable for staff members, cloud and mobile recruitment agency software is vital to attract the widest selection of candidates to apply. If people applying via your consultancy have to fill in forms on paper and send them by mail, it might put candidates off. This equally applies if web forms are time-consuming, unwieldy and don’t work properly, so that information has to be filled in more than once.

AdaptUX can be used via the cloud as well as being hosted on your agency’s own server, offering a solution suitable for your specific needs. It also includes a fast mobile recruitment app, Adapt InTouch, with versions designed for the iPhone and Android, making it simple to access and update data on the move.

Configurable to Your Needs

AdaptUX software can be configured to suit the needs of an agency of any size, including companies which have a number of branches in different areas or internationally. It is fully scalable, meaning you need to buy only the level of resources you need, and uses unique dashboards which can be designed for you. You will also have access to a sophisticated CRM database which will enable you to keep track of all your relationships with clients, candidates and leads.

For more details of AdaptUX staffing agency software and to schedule a demo of the systems in action, click here.

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