AdaptUX Recruitment and Staffing Software

Recruitment and staffing software constantly changes to meet the demands of agencies, companies and candidates. If you are selecting new software, you will want a solution which is versatile and accessible and can be adapted to your future requirements.

Here are five key areas which show why AdaptUX could be your ideal software solution.

Recruitment Software

Whether you require recruitment software for an agency, or want an in-house system, AdaptUX software is the ideal solution. At its heart is a CRM recruitment database which helps suitable candidates to apply for posts, and also enables your company or agency to rule out people who do not have the necessary skills. AdaptUX software is fully scalable and can grow with your company.

Recruitment Agency Software

Recruitment agencies are increasingly demanding agency software that is both versatile and at the technological cutting edge. AdaptUX incorporates cloud-based technology and mobile recruitment app functionality, making it accessible while travelling around. It is also fully scalable, meaning it’s easy to add new users as your company grows.

Cloud Recruitment Software

Technologically advanced cloud recruitment software means you can access your database and recruitment tools wherever you are. If you opt for Bond AdaptUX’s SaaS software by paying a simple monthly fee, you will receive expert technical support and constant updates, saving you time as well as money. AdaptUX offers two high-quality cloud recruitment options, OnDemand and OnDemand plus.

Web Based Recruitment Software

Web based recruitment software has advantages for both the recruiter and the applicant. The right software will enable companies to see their vacancies reach a far bigger number of potential applicants, while user-friendly web portals mean job-seekers can tailor searches to fit their individual requirements. AdaptUX web portals meet the highest security standards and can also be built into your existing website.

Staffing Software for Temporary and Contract Placements

With the numbers of temporary staff in the UK escalating in recent years, the demand for staffing software suitable for managing temporary and short-term contracts has never been greater. AdaptUX software will help you deal with these areas and with issues like covering maternity leave and long-term absence. AdaptUX can incorporate areas such as timesheets and rates of pay, which can be fully automated.

10 Steps to Selecting Recruitment Software

It's no easy task to select staffing software for your agency. Make it easier with this paper outlining 10 steps to pick out the right software solution so you can drive your business' profitability.

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The Changing Face of UK Recruitment

Our market research report looks at how candidates approach a job change, the subsequent impact on the recruitment industry and the value of specialist job sites. Download to gain an insight into how attitudes towards job searches are evolving.

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