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Find more relevant candidates with intelligent contextual searching and matching

Adapt InSight is an advanced recruitment tool which has been created to meet the specific needs of professionals working in the sector.  As a recruiter looking for qualified candidates, your need is for software which will provide accurate results quickly. Where traditional searching is too slow and laborious, Adapt InSight provides intelligent search functionality, bringing precisely the information you require to the forefront.

Using a powerful contextual search process, the software can identify which documents stored in the AdaptUX system are most relevant, giving highly reliable results. By matching and scoring text and data, Adapt Insight has the ability to “understand” which qualities and qualifications you are looking for. It not only searches through documents, including CVs and job descriptions, but also through raw data and textual notes. 

Adapt InSight

Searching on a full job description (top left) quickly delivers a list of matching candidates, scored by their relevance to the role.

Intelligent software which understands your search requirements

Adapt InSight understands the placement of words and the context of whole sentences, enabling you to search upon multiple word phrases. Effectively this means a job specification or a CV can be used as the actual search criteria to find corresponding matches. This search functionality is a revolutionary addition to AdaptUX’s structured data searches and free text keyword searches, adding a powerful new dimension to a recruitment professional’s armoury.

As a highly advanced, intelligent recruitment tool, Adapt InSight constantly learns from and adapts to changing business requirements, for instance by identifying where different documents or pieces of data have been linked. During a candidate skills search, for example, Adapt InSight highlights relevant sections of text in appropriate applicant records in AdaptUX and displays the candidate’s CV so the recruiter has everything they need at their fingertips.

Extract maximum value from candidate data with minimal effort

The searching and matching process can also be run from a job specification within AdaptUX rather than searching with a key phrase. Adapt InSight intuitively suggests a list of appropriate candidates to suit a specific job vacancy.

Adapt InSight - Search from Candidate CV

Run an InSight search using a candidate’s CV to find other candidates just like them.

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