Power to create the reports that matter

Create, run and deliver custom reports with AdaptUX Reporter, flexible report designer and Business Intelligence solution for AdaptUX

Add powerful, self-service ad-hoc reporting to your AdaptUX system to gain maximum Business Intelligence from your live database of recruitment information and processes. Design, structure, formulate and graphically display reports to your preferred specifications.

AdaptUX Reporter

Simply select your Categories, Sort and Filter to quickly preview your Express Report before running it from your live AdaptUX database.

Express Reports

Quickly and easily create tabular reports, with essential operations including sorting, filtering and calculations, from live streams of data within your AdaptUX system. Then it’s simple to format and summarise your reports.

As you add data fields the interactive preview is instantly populated and, using the ‘Summarise by’ feature, you easily apply Category and Summary functions.

Simply click on the page header or footer to add titles and images (such as a company logo), and the Word-style toolbar enables you to format the text (Font, colour, bold, italic etc.), change the background and foreground colours or even ‘fast-format’ via pre-built themes.

Just save and run the report. AdaptUX Reporter runs from live data within your AdaptUX database to deliver your report. It’s also simple to make the subtlest of changes to the report and re-run it.

Use the Advanced Options to convert your Express Report to a Standard Report and open more functionality…

Standard Reports

Once you have created an Express Report, you may enhance it via the charts, maps and image options available within AdaptUX Reporter Standard Reports. It’s also easy to add group selections to provide more flexibility in how your data is displayed.

Pixel-perfect templates

AdaptUX Reporter automates the process of merging data onto highly formatted PDF, RTF and Excel templates.

User-defined formulas

Key your own formulas directly into cells or choose from the comprehensive list of pre-defined functions available in the Formula Editor. New functions can also be created and included in the Formula Editor menu for future use.

Multi-language and localisation support

All language elements within AdaptUX Reporter can be translated into any language including those with foreign characters. A different language can be displayed for each user. Date, time and currency can be localised as well.

Automated Report Scheduler

Reports can be scheduled for automatic emailing or archiving. All parameters such as time periods, recurrence and recipients can be set in the Report Scheduler.

Multiple format report output

Select from a simple drop-down menu to export reports in formats including-

HTML reports can be searched and navigated within the AdaptUX Reporter HTML Viewer.

Realise the full potential of your AdaptUX recruitment activity database by creating and running reports to your specific business requirements.

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