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AdaptUX recruitment agency software helps ensure your total compliance with the AWR legislation.

Recruitment agencies using AdaptUX software are fully supported in the key AWR areas.

We worked closely with our clients and leading recruitment organisations to ensure the AWR workflow in AdaptUX perfectly complements your practices and ways of working.  The system also offers enhanced reporting on AWR data.


Current AWR Information and workflows.

Monitoring the qualifying period with the AdaptUX AWR clock

AdaptUX tracks, records and highlights the qualifying period to ensure that recruiters can monitor the 12-week period, or multiple qualifying periods, with ease and confidence.

Managing rates, pre- and post-qualifying

In order to meet the requirements on equality of pay, AdaptUX has been enhanced to store both pre- and post-qualifying rates. The software further supports recruitment agencies by:

Timesheets entered into AdaptUX also store both pay rates. AdaptUX’s invoicing and payroll export functionality deals with the information and changes in rates correctly.

Governance and administration

AdaptUX supports recruiters with governance and administration in the following main areas:

End-hirer information

AdaptUX’s AWR workflow ensures that agencies are able to satisfy themselves, and potentially demonstrate to workers or the courts, that the facilities and pay being offered to a worker are appropriate. To assist in this, document categories within AdaptUX store this information.

AdaptUX AWR Clock

Candidate AWR clock and rate information.

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