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Streamline processes and increase productivity. Adapt Studio delivers traditional recruitment ‘white boards’ in one simple view, making it easier for you to manage the recruitment cycle and your daily activities without navigating through multiple screens.

Speed is essential, so Adapt Studio instantly delivers key information in real time. Create your own Studios complete with customised recruitment dashboards that are specific to the way you work.  Your Studios display task and workflow dashboards in single page views; enabling users to process day to day tasks and manage the entire recruitment cycle more easily and efficiently from one place.  Managers and Directors can also create Studios to display key information and effectively oversee their business without having to run reports.

Eliminating the need to navigate individual records to massively reduce clicks, Adapt Studio revolutionises traditional recruitment workflows and enables users to run their entire day from front screens.

AdaptUX Studio

Adapt Studio, enabling each user to easily design their own dashboards – note the screen layout options on the right, and the user-chosen window colour (blue). Also, the side bar menu on the left has been collapsed in this example to maximise screen space.

Access, run and manage workflows in one easy click

Drag & drop from the options below to build your own custom dashboards. Some examples include:

Temp Desk

Powerful, one screen scheduling tool enables fast-moving temp recruiters to create, fill and manage their entire workforce. Simply drag and drop to book and confirm. Never miss a shift and quickly fill more vacancies.

With Adapt Studio there’s no need to search or remember – all the information you need is updated in real time, then with one click you can run your next action.

AdaptUX Recruitment Desk

AdaptUX Recruitment Desk with Google Charts integration.

AdaptUX KPI Dashboard

AdaptUX KPI Dashboard – Activity vs. Target screen with Google Charts integration.

Adapt Studio Fact Sheet

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