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Powerful Searching & Sourcing with AdaptUX

From clients and candidates to CVs and email, everything in AdaptUX is searchable. Quickly access key information, find important matches and fill vacancies with maximum efficiency.

Search and source from online job boards and Social Media. All searches are automatically saved, providing lists and custom reports for re-search and review. Searching has never been easier or more productive.

Adapt InSight

Built upon HP IDOL technology, Adapt InSight is designed specifically for recruitment professionals who need immediate and accurate search results. With contextual search functionality far superior to traditional free text and structured searching, Adapt InSight ‘understands’ documents and text stored within the AdaptUX system, identifies matches and scores their relevance. Valuable information is instantly made more accessible.

Adapt InSight has the capability to search across raw unstructured data and documentation, including free text notes held within AdaptUX records. The powerful and quick contextual search functionality understands meaning and sentence structure held within text such as job specifications or CVs, and delivers a far more intelligent way of searching to produce reliable results.

Template Search

Advanced, configurable template searches allow you to search the entire AdaptUX database.

Document Search

Search any document, anywhere in the AdaptUX system – if someone has typed it, you can find it!

AdaptUX Template Search

Template Search.

Active Search – Automatically find and update

Save time and effort by instructing the AdaptUX system to automatically run (and re-run) searches and update results.

Fast Find

Available on every screen, Fast Find is AdaptUX’s quick look-up, Google-style search bar – get to key records fast.  Results are listed instantly and you may hover your cursor over records to expand them and run workflows. 

Candidate Search & Match – Search AdaptUX and online sources from a single point of access

Sophisticated searching and matching tools which enable you to search all of your potential candidate sources from a single point of access.  Live search your entire AdaptUX database, multiple job boards and social media (including LinkedIn) simultaneously. Powerful CV parsing instantly creates new candidate records within AdaptUX.  There’s no need to run a number of separate searches, saving you time and effort.

DaXtra & Broadbean Searching

Advanced searching and matching tools enabling you to search all of your potential candidate sources from a single access point. Further details via the links above.  

Google Search

Google search candidates and clients directly from AdaptUX.

AdaptUX Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration.

Review, Refine and Action

Having utilised the powerful search tools available within AdaptUX, you may review and refine to easily create accurate shortlists.

Download the AdaptUX Searching and Sourcing Fact Sheet

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