What is SaaS?

What is SaaS

Cloud computing is now an integral part of IT. But hype and multiple options continue to confuse many companies, especially when it comes to deploying critical business applications such as the CRM system. This eBook sheds light on current deployment options and explains why software functionality, rather than how it is delivered and who it is hosted by, should underpin long term IT partnerships.

There is no simple answer to the Software as a Service vs. the On-Premise question. However in either instance these technology investments are not short term; despite the rental SaaS model, any technology change causes massive business upheaval, impacts user productivity and in extreme cases can affect staff morale.

Download our eBook if you would like to explore: 

  •          How SaaS utilises staff data and how securely it is stored
  •          Multi-tenant vs. Single-tenant model
  •          The financial implications of SaaS
  •          Service level agreement options

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