Discover the Benefits of a 24×7 Mobile Recruitment Model

MobileTHUMBThe recruitment industry is rapidly extending its offering into the always connected mobile landscape. From enhancing the candidate experience to improving client relationships, recruiters who offer a mobile experience can vastly improve talent processing through a 24×7 offering.

In multi-agency competitive situations, the first past the post wins.

Consultants using mobile technologies to track candidate activity, introduce new individuals to clients first and create an outstanding candidate experience will steal a march over the competition.

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  • The ability to improve market share.
  • The technology to track candidate activity.
  • An automated process that enables real time provision of candidates.
  • The potential for European expansion.

Mobile technologies are an essential support to the changing recruitment landscape. With the flexible working environment increasingly dominating – can a recruitment agency really afford to wait until 9am on Monday morning?

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