Recruiting the Perfect Team

PerfectTeamThumbThe recruitment industry has become candidate centric in a matter of months. The candidate is now in control, and with this the expectations of a recruitment consultant have changed radically.

In today’s market, a new skills set is needed. Recruitment consultants require not only the previously must-have face to face communication skills, but also familiarity with social media, confidence in using various search tools and a willingness to embrace mobile technologies and adopt new working patterns to reach the right candidates.

Our eBook looks at how the speed of response is now critical in recruitment, as well as the need for recruitment consultants to collaboratively work in teams. Are you looking to transform the speed and effectiveness of your recruitment company?

Download our ‘Recruiting the Perfect Team’ eBook to understand:

  • How the expectations of both clients and candidates have changed in the new recruitment environment.
  • The role both culture and technology play in recruiting the perfect team for your organisation.
  • How our seven top tips for successful recruitment will ensure you succeed in empowering consultants to achieve effective recruitment.

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