Vanilla Recruitment Case Study

Vanilla Recruitment

Founded over ten years ago, Vanilla Recruitment have always been about the personal touch needed to go beyond the basic job filling process.

However, with the organisation growing from Excel spreadsheets to off-the-shelf and bespoke recruitment software solutions, it was clear the time was right for a far more sophisticated solution that would transform the day to day operations of the organisation.

Bond Adapt is now an essential tool for all recruitment consultants and a component of an efficient process that is allowing Vanilla to provide both candidates and clients with the best customer service.

“Recruiters can spend more time on the interview process and gain real insight into the unique qualities of each candidate which means we can match not just on paper but in terms of the client’s vision and ethos.” – Eloise Shelton, Founder, Vanilla Recruitment

Download our Case Study to find out how Bond Adapt enables Vanilla Recruitment to:

  • Transform the speed of day to day activity
  • Benefit from the enhanced search functionality with Adapt
  • Explore the value of the Adapt mobile app, providing direct access to the CRM from any location
  • Ultimately cut down the time spent on admin and on search

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