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Adapt Employ

Bond Adapt Employ is a sophisticated ‘end to end’ case management system, built to streamline and simplify the complex area of government employment programmes.

Adapt Employ case management software offers a suite of features to support the Welfare to Work initiative, including tools to manage specific programmes such as European Social Fund, Workstep, Workchoice and any future schemes that fall under The Work Programme. 

Adapt Employ delivers robust data security, advanced reporting and auditing functionality, time savings through the automation of many day to day tasks, and ensures you conform to all rules and regulations, including Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Provider Referrals and Payment (PRaP) system regulations.

Adapt Employ empowers your case workers with a set of tools designed to manage the whole programme cycle; from onboarding, duplicate checking and profiling to action planning, overcoming barriers to work, job matching and in-work support requirements.

Work speed is increased through the automation of many tasks, such as importing referral files to create a jobseekers ‘record for life’ and importing through integration with other systems (DWP Provider Referrals and PRaP database, for example). 

Comprehensive management tracking and recording is standard, as is data security (full encryption; latest specific technical details on request). 

Adapt Employ allows your teams to work better, smarter and increase productivity – your business saves costs and time.  Bond’s commitment to on-going research and development, backed up by significant annual investment, ensures you can focus on future growth with absolute confidence.

Bond Adapt Employ Features Sheet

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