Staffing Software for Temporary and Contract Placements

There has been a rise of nearly a third in the number of temporary employees in the UK over recent years. As a result, some estimates suggest there are now around 300,000 temporary agency staff nationwide. The right staffing software is essential for any agency involved in placing temps and contract workers.

Having a good supply of temporary staff who can step in at short notice is very important for recruitment agencies and will help to ensure you give clients the service they need.  It’s equally essential to be able quickly to identify candidates on your books who have the skills needed and will be a good fit for a particular vacancy. AdaptUX has all the functionality necessary to achieve these objectives and give the best service to both employers and applicants.

Main Requirements for Temporary Staffing Software

Filling Shifts at Short Notice – There are some key employment sectors where staff may be needed to step in and give vital cover. One of these is education, where supply teachers or cover supervisors and support workers are frequently required to take the place of absent staff. Another is healthcare, and some agencies specialise in providing temporary medical staff, including nurses, support workers and locum GPs. Temporary carers are also frequently needed to support elderly people and those with disabilities.

Long-term Temporary Contracts – While some temporary work is very short term, some involves being contracted for longer periods. For instance, you may need to fill a position during a maternity leave or the long-term absence of a permanent employee. It is important for an agency to be able to manage these staff members, as well as short-term ones, and to keep track of them with a staffing software system.

With both shorter and longer-term jobs, recruitment software needs to have a range of functions available. This includes scheduling shifts and keeping track of timesheets, as well as arranging and recording pay rates; together with a whole range of contract conditions and terms of employment.

Using AdaptUX for Temporary and Contract Staffing

AdaptUX has a whole range of functions which make it an ideal system to choose for placing temps and shift workers, and monitoring all types of temporary and contract placements, including educational staff.

E-timesheets can easily be entered into the AdaptUX system and integrated with both candidate and client self-service systems. The Adapt Studio Temp Desk recruitment dashboard makes it easy to keep track of all the staff on your books, using a system of colour coding so that you can pinpoint and place the candidate you need. This effective and versatile software uses drag-and-drop tools for drawing-up schedules and updates all information in real time.

AdaptUX can be seamlessly integrated with many types of payroll software, as well as other back office systems. There are also modules which enable pay rates for contract jobs to be automated, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and agreements.      

Another valuable piece of software is TempBuddy, a high-tech recruitment tool which works via a smart app and SaaS platform and can be completely integrated with AdaptUX. It enables a wide range of temporary recruitment tasks to be carried out via mobile.

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